Books That Grow (Free: Grades 2-12)
Books That Grow is a leveled reading application with over 100 eBooks. Teachers can assign reading to their classroom, and monitor student reading student progress. Books That Grow also allows the students to signup on their own to find reading at their own level. (See levels here.) Watch the video below to learn more.

What are your favorite Google tools to support reading? Please share in the comments below.Kasey Bell will be presenting at the following upcoming events:

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  1. Hi, I’m looking for reading strategies to help my fourth graders comprehend and understand math word problems. I currently use close reading.
    Thank you

  2. I have a question about books that grow. I like how the video explained that the class can all be reading the same book at their level. I am currently teaching a class that has 9 ELL students and also 3 gifted students with the usual mix inbetween. It has been very challenging to find reading materials that work for everyone. I think this will be a great solution. However, Is there a component for the students to read independently?