Why You Should Use It:

Watch this video to see what Google Cardboard can bring to the Classroom!


Google Photos

Why You Should Use It:

  • Auto-backup and sync your photos to your device! (FREE Unlimited Storage!)
  • Save storage space on your device by storing to the cloud.
  • Organize Photos (face matching technology)
  • Visual Search
  • Create interactive stories, animations and more!
  • SHARE!

Have you tried Google Cardboard? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Google Cardboard Comes to iOS - Now 52 Google Apps for iPad! (Updated List)
Article Name
Google Cardboard Comes to iOS - Now 52 Google Apps for iPad! (Updated List)
Over the last few weeks, Google has released two new Google apps for iOS: Google Photos and Google Cardboard. Yes! Google Cardboard for iOS has finally arrived! I have updated my complete list of ALL Google apps for iOS (now 52 apps!), which can be found here. Below is a bit of information about these two new, fabulous apps for iPad and iPhone.


  1. Good question! I’m sure someone is doing it. I’d love the opportunity to come out. I’ll let you know if I find any pd in your area.

  2. we are loving Google cardboard! My student figured out how to use photosphere to make own Google cardboard images. We can view on his android phone but have not figured out how to load on iPhone yet.