• Reinforce Skills with Rewards: I knew this audience didn’t have a lot of avid Tweeters, so I created a hashtag and brought a goodie bag as a reward for the day’s best tweet.
  • Share the Schedule and Let Them Go: I shared the schedule (a Google spreadsheet) with a QR code and shortened URL. It was time start the sessions, and (crossing my fingers) I let them go. 

The experiment was a great success! Many participants were raving after the first session. Great ideas and discussions were happening among educators!

While I love EdCamp, and I’m a big believer in how this innovation is changing the landscape of professional learning, it is not a silver bullet. There is a time and place for all types of learning experiences. This is one way to #HackPD, but I want to research and develop new ways to approach professional development. We must find a way to make learning more personal, meaningful, and engaging for educators. We must also find a way to mirror the classroom strategies we want to see teachers facilitating with their students.

I really do try to model differentiated learning experiences and facilitation, but I am always looking for new ideas. Please share your #HackPD ideas in the comments below! I’d love to collaborate!

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A Quest to #HackPD and Redefine Professional Development
Article Name
A Quest to #HackPD and Redefine Professional Development
I am on a quest! A quest to redefine professional development as we know it. If we don’t want teachers to be the sage on the stage, it has to be modeled in professional development. What I really want to do is HACK PD! Who’s with me? Today, I had my first experience in facilitating the EdCamp/Unconference idea on a much smaller scale. This EdCamp-style PD was an internal training with educational consultants. I think there was only one other participant besides myself who had ever attended an EdCamp, so they basically thought I was crazy. I wasn’t sure it would work. I wasn’t sure they would buy-in, but they did! I had to carry a few on my back, but they crossed the finish line.


  1. You are so awesome Kasey Bell! I want to collaborate with you and do a #HackPD… seriously! I LOVE this and know other ITS that have been talking about doing the same thing on their campuses. We should talk soon.