The Google Certified Trainer Ultimate Planner & Checklist

By Kasey Bell

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The Google Certified Trainer Ultimate Planner & Checklist


This planner is designed to help you plan all of your tasks, study time, materials, video, and application to become a Google Certified Trainer.

FREE Google Certification Resources - I’ve included links to all of my Google Certification resources for Level 1, Level 2, and Trainer.  

How to Use This Planner - This is an introduction to the planner and a guide to get you going!  

6 Steps to Google Certified Trainer - A quick reference guide of all the steps you need to complete, as well as a link to a blog post, infographic, and video walk-through.  

Start With the Why - This is a goal-setting exercise to help you start with purpose.  

Planning for the Application - There are many application questions and requirements. This section will walk you through each section and help you prepare for all that you need to accomplish before you submit your application.  

Planning for the Trainer Skills Assessment - You must prepare for and pass the Trainer Skills Assessment exam. This section will help you divide up the course modules and set due dates for yourself.  

Planning for the Application Requirements - This section will give you a look at all of the application questions and help you draft your answers and plan for the things you need to accomplish.  

Planning for the Trainer Experience Questions - Before you apply, you have to build your training experience. This section will help you prepare to answer these questions and build your resume.  

Planning for the Case Study Questions - The case study questions are a series of questions about a specific training that you have led. This section will help you determine how to best answer these questions and prepare materials.  

Planning for the Application Video - The application requires that you submit a 3-minute video. This section will review the video requirements, help you brainstorm ideas, plan and record your video, and upload to YouTube.  

Final Checklist - This is an easy one-page checklist to keep you on track!  

Application Checklist - Give yourself a deadline and get it done!  

*NOTE: This planner is included in the online course: The Google Certified Trainer Academy, but is made available here for those that want the planner without the course, or who want a jump start on the course. 

Purchasing this planner does not give you a discount on the course.

(The course only opens twice a year, May and November.)

Kasey Bell

A Word From The Author

Becoming a Google Certified Trainer was the best decision I ever made for my career and my professional learning.

I designed this book and my online courses to help more educators reach their goals!