The Google Classroom Cheat Sheets

for Teachers & Students

Who needs a Google Classroom Cheat Sheet?

In this download, you will get two Google Classroom Cheat Sheets, one for teachers, and one for students (54 pages total!)

This is a great reference guide for experienced users, and a fabulous tutorial to help new users learn the basics of Google Classroom.

Oh, and guess what? This fantastic guide is FREE for Shake Up Learning subscribers!

What’s Included in the Google Classroom Cheat Sheets?

In this free download, you will get two PDF cheat sheets:

The Google Classroom Cheat Sheet for Teachers is a 40-page guide to help teachers make the most of this robust online learning tool.

The Google Classroom Cheat Sheet for Students is a 14-page reference guide to help students understand the platform. (Please review this cheat sheet before distributing it to your students to ensure it is appropriate for their skill level.)

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Kasey Bell

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Kasey Bell is a former middle school teacher turned award-winning digital learning coach, international speaker, author, blogger, and podcaster with a Texas-sized passion for technology and learning.  

Kasey is the author of the Shake Up Learning blog and books, host of The Shake Up Learning Show Podcast. As a skillful facilitator, Google Certified Innovator, and Google Certified Trainer, Kasey has led a variety of digital learning workshops across the globe and helped thousands of educators to transform their classrooms!