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Becoming Google Certified was one of the best decisions I ever made, and it transformed my learning and my career! No matter where you are in your Google journey, there are many benefits to pursuing a Google Certification.

  • Take your Google skills to a whole new level! No matter how much of a novice or expert you are, there is always something new to learn with Google.
  • Learn how to use digital learning strategies to better engage your students, increase learning, and cultivate creativity.
  • Grow your personal learning network by connecting, collaborating, and with like-minded educators.
  • Learn how to save time and become more proficient with technology in the classroom.
  • Gain confidence and prove your skills at each step. As a Google Certified Educator or Trainer, you will become more proficient and more confident integrating technology in your classroom.
  • Earn a super cool badge to show off on your website and your email signature!
  • The benefits go on and on!



Whether you are brand new to using Google in the classroom, or a seasoned expert, Shake Up Learning can help you reach you Google Certification goals with our online courses.


Each course is a self-paced, video course that will walk you through each step required to pass the exam and become certified.

Courses are CLOSED


There are three main certifications options for educators. 

Google Certified Educator Level 1

Google Certified Educator Level 2

Google Certified Trainer


I have helped hundreds of educators reach their goal of becoming Google Certified. Consider these courses your online Google Boot Camp--ONLY BETTER!


Work when you want and at the pace that works for you. You set your own deadlines.


Each lesson is video-based so you can watch and learn, see everything step-by-step.


Each course is loaded with PDF downloads for you to use to study and review material. 


Each course has an exclusive community where you can ask questions and connect with others with the same goal.

Campus & District Licensing Available Now!

Get your own campus or school on board and SAVE BIG!

Site licenses for each course are available for purchase at any time throughout the year. Customize a package for your group, campus, or district.

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Google Training for SCHOOLS

"Quite simply, the time and effort Kasey gives to this really makes a difference. First, to have a real voice (and face) speaking to you is huge. Kasey have an excellent presentation style which is great. Second, and most important is her depth of knowledge. She doesn't miss anything. I passed L1 and L2!" 

Mark Stone

"I used Kasey's course to review all the concepts and give me confidence to rock that test! +Kasey Bell, I LOVE how you present everything with such clarity and excitement."  

Stephanie Smith

“I have been wanting to become a Google Certified Educator for a while. I found this course, the contents and the organization of it all to be just what I needed to begin this learning process. The format is versatile, with features to help the participant personalize their own learning path and pace. I am loving this course!”  

Lesley Garcia

“I am completing this course while trying to work around my children's busy summer schedules. I like that fact that it is self-paced, and I can access it at anytime. I also like how I can easily skip to certain sections. Great class! I really think this will help me as a teacher!”  

Amy Kennedy


Kasey Bell

Kasey Bell is part sparkling smile, part witty personality and a whole heap of passion as big as a Texas--go big or go home, y’all! As a former middle school teacher with nearly fifteen years in education, Kasey has made it her mission to be a disruptor of the boring and to push the bounds of traditional teaching and learning.  

Through teacher empowering publications and award-winning educational resources at, learner-driven workshops and presentations, and co-hosting The Google Teacher Tribe weekly podcast, Kasey proves why we should never settle for the static and boring when it comes to bringing out the very best in our students, and we should always strive to Shake Up Learning. provides teachers and educators with easy to understand, use-tomorrow digital learning resources, technology tips and tricks, in-depth e-courses, books, resources, cheat sheets, blog publications, and podcasts. Subscribe to Shake Up Learning to get the latest resources in your inbox!  

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